Sponsored children in the Philippines come to the pastor's home on school days to have lunch.

Sponsored children in the Philippines come to the pastor’s home on school days to have lunch.

What is “Food for Learning”?

We had been sponsoring children in the Philippines for a few years, increasing in number almost every school year. Our purpose was to help children escape the cycle of poverty they had inherited, some for generations. We knew education was vital if that were to be possible. During that time, the pastors assigned to care for the children would, from time to time, tell us of the children going to school hungry — no food the night before and no food in the house for breakfast.

We began to realize that we needed to supplement the nutrition of the children more than we were doing. Because of malnutrition, some of the children were not healthy enough to do well in school. Some had a hard time concentrating because they were so hungry. Some were often absent because they had no food or were out searching for food, usually in places where scraps were tossed out. Some of the children were going to the garbage site early in the morning to look for something they could sell in order to buy a little breakfast before going to school.

God spoke to us about this need. He said, “The children I gave you are hungry. Feed them.” We felt a little like the disciples must have felt when Jesus told them to feed the multitudes. How can we possibly feed so many children what they needed? But we set about to do it and God began to provide. Our goal has been to give the children 2 small meals (breakfast and lunch) every school day plus a good healthy meal on the weekend. We’ve not reached that goal in every location yet, but the provision has been encouraging.

The result has been amazing. The children are healthier and their grades are better. Attendance is much improved and the children are so thankful. They talk about it a lot and just want to say “thank you” for the good food they get to eat. One little boy said he was happy to be sponsored because he could now eat and get new school supplies.

This is made possible by our “Food for Learning” partners and others who give for that purpose. Your investment in the lives of the children is producing good returns in their lives. Thank you!!!!

How to Become a Food For Learning Partner

If God leads you to be part of His plan for these special children, it will be a blessing to you as well as them. Your donations to the Food for Learning fund provide needed basic nutrition for sponsored children and their families.

This Food for Learning link will take you to our donation page where you can pick from several options to give to help feed the children.

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