Caring for Orphans & Widows

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From the beginning, the vision God gave Fullness in Christ Ministries (FCM) was the transformation of the nation of the Philippines – one child at a time. Through that vision, God has touched the lives of hundreds of children, youth and their families in the past 13 years.

FCM provides for nearly 900 sponsored Filipino children on four different islands in the Philippines. These children are actively pursuing education and practical Christianity. Many, many children live on a monstrously large city dumpsite in Lapu-Lapu, Philippines, and other dumpsites like it spread across the islands. It has been FCM’s vision to see that each of these children would not repeat the endemic cycle of poverty their parents and grandparents have embraced in the past. Education is vital to this vision, and it is not free in the Philippines. If you are poor, you do not get to go to school.

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New and Bigger Vision to Transform a Whole Nation

Now, beyond that ministry of sponsoring children, God has spoken to us concerning a “New and Bigger Vision” to transform the nation one child at a time:

“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.” James 1:27 (NLT)

We believe that God has called the Ministries into a period of transformation:

“I have called you to build and operate ten homes for widows and orphans in the Philippine Islands. Build the homes in locales close to the 24 pastors and churches that care for your nearly 900 sponsored children on four islands and in new places on other islands where I will show you. Some of the orphans will be chosen from among the children you already care for and others will be among the 10,000 children I am giving you.”


The elements of this “New and Bigger Vision” are 3-fold:



Start-up funds needed: $50,000

Our Direction from God: “You will start homes for widows and orphans. The widows will be cared for and will in turn care for the orphans.”

Some of the orphans living at the homes will be chosen from among the 900 sponsored children that are already cared for, while others will be among the additional 10,000 children in need in the country. The children now live on city dumpsites, under bridges, and some sleep on pieces of cardboard on sidewalks beside city streets. The Philippine widows will be chosen based on their love for children, their character qualities and abilities. They will care for the children and operate the homes in exchange for their room and board with a small stipend of blessing for them. The oversight will be with the Board of Directors of Fullness in Christ Ministries and with an Advisory Board of Filipino Pastors and Business and Governmental representatives.

Computer Tech


Start-up funds needed: $25,000Cubicles

Our Direction from God: “You will start a computer and technology center to train the children and youth in the use of the latest technology that I will use to reach the world.”

These centers are designed to provide the children with exposure to the basic computer technology needed to stay competitive in today’s educational and work environment. The students will be given direction on how to use computers for email, writing papers, research, and keeping current with world events.


Start-up funds needed: $25,000

3 orphans

Our Direction from God: “You will open food and nutrition distribution centers to serve the poor on all the islands where I will send you.”

These centers are designed to provide improved and comprehensive food distribution to needy families, so as to combat the malnutrition that is so endemic in underdeveloped areas of the Philippines. Each family will be provided instruction in healthy nutrition and will be given food supplements that will help provide a more balanced diet.

Caring for Orphans & Widows