Financial Accountability

Because the Lord supplies us with resources for ministry through individual contributions, we take seriously the responsibility of faithful stewardship, integrity and accountability in our financial practices. We strongly believe the resources we receive are a sacred trust from God, given by our partners and investors. We are committed to accountability to the Lord, who touches the hearts of people to give to the needs of those we serve, and to those who invest in this ministry.

We recognize those who as investors in the lives of those served by this ministry. Hundreds of poor children receive the earthly and eternal benefits of these investments. It is a good investment with a return promised by God.

We are always aware that “All things come from God, and out of His own hand, we have given God.” 1 Chronicles 29:14. In other words, we give what God has given us to give. And because it all comes from Him, we recognize the responsibility He gives us to steward it in a way that pleases Him.

    • Our Financial Policies:

    • We respect those who invest in this ministry and trust in them to hear God concerning their gifts. With that in mind, we avoid high-pressure and manipulative fund-raising appeals.
    • When gifts are given for a special need or purpose, we use the gifts to fund that need or purpose. In the event that we receive more contributions for a special purpose, we make every effort to contact the giver for permission to use it for another similar need. If we are not able to make that contact, it will be used to meet a similar need.
    • Gifts to this ministry are tax deductible. We send receipts to our “investors” at the beginning of the calendar year for the previous year. If you do not receive a receipt by January 31, please contact us. It might mean that we do not have a current mailing address for you.
    • We operate this ministry without incurring indebtedness. We spend and give only what God has given to us.
    • We respect the privacy of those who invest in this ministry. We do not sell or rent our mailing list. We carefully guard the identity and giving records of our supporters.
    • We fulfill all the requirements of the law for a non-profit organization. An annual report (Form 990) including income and expenses and statement of mission is filed with the Internal Revenue Service and is, by law, available to the public.
    • We post on our website the Board Approved Annual Financial Statements.

2013 FCM Form 990

2013 FCM Financial Statements

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2014 FCM Financial Statements

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2016 FCM Financial Statements