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We hope that you are blessed every day when you read the “What the Lord is Saying Today” word of the day and through these words you feel the Lord’s love for you. Please read on to learn a little more about our editorial team:

Ras Robinson

Ras ministers in the five-fold gifting of apostle and is a popular conference speaker and author. Ras has many years of experience in management and leadership, which has allowed him to become uniquely gifted in recognizing and training leaders. This gifting has opened the door for him to successfully work with pastors and leaders across the country. On January 6, 2001, Ras published the first “What is the Lord Saying Today” devotional, and now has a distribution of close to 20,000 subscribers.

Ras is President of Fullness in Christ Ministries, Inc. He is also the founder of Fullness in Christ Church, in Fort Worth, TX, where he still serves as Overseeing Apostle. Ras was head of Broadman Press Publications and served as Manager of Broadman Products Department, producing Christian materials such as books, films, tapes and audio-visuals and various other church supplies for Southern Baptists and other churches. He served on the Baptist Sunday School Board, in Nashville, TN, a total of fifteen years in various leadership positions, working with pastors, seminaries and other agencies. To read more about Ras’ background go to About Us.

Bev Robinson

Bev has the gift of being able to see how to help people with family and relationship issues. She now uses that gift by writing down the words that she hears from the Lord and sharing them with our community. Ras heard the Lord say that Bev should put down in words the wonderful guidance that she has always shared with so many people on a one-on-one basis. So as a result, Bev has been joining Ras in writing the Word since 2011.

Bev is Vice President of Fullness in Christ Ministries, Inc. She also serves as an elder at Fullness in Christ Church which she founded with Ras in 1992. She is also an anointed and popular teacher, which she uses as she joins Ras for speaking engagements across the United States. Perhaps her greatest gift is her love for God’s word and the ability to impart with disarming transparency the great truths of practical theology for daily living as a real person being empowered by a supernatural God.

Kevin Robinson

As Ras and Bev’s son, Kevin Robinson has been involved in Fullness in Christ Church and the evangelical community his entire life. From a young age, he had the gift of hearing what the Lord had to say and uses it in his daily work to help people. Several years ago, he felt led to join Ras and Bev in sharing what the Lord has to say with our community. Kevin is a gifted prophet who seems to have a window into the heart of our younger community. Kevin is actively involved in his church community along with his wife, Jeanette, and daughter, Kaytlin.

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