By giving, you help us reach, encourage and equip thousands daily! We also have several specific mission projects that need regular support. In addition, we seek to help leaders and others with needs they cannot meet. Fullness in Christ Ministries (FCM), is a 501(c)(3), federally recognized, non-profit organization. Your donations are fully tax deductible (consult with your tax professional regarding your specific situation). All donations are non-refundable. NOTE: Your donations can be sent two ways: 1) ONLINE using the links below 2) MAIL donation using this form: Gift Form (downloadable PDF)

Caring for Orphans and Widows

Donate Now to This Bigger Vision! Become a Partner for Transformation!

From the beginning, the vision God gave us was the transformation of the nation of the Philippines – one child at a time. Through that vision, God has touched the lives of hundreds of children, youth and their families in the past 13 years. Now, beyond that ministry of sponsoring children, God has spoken concerning a “New and Bigger Vision” to transform the nation. We invite you to join us and “Think Big, Believe Big and Act Big.” 

The elements of this “New and Bigger Vision to Transform a Whole Nation” are 3-fold: 1) Homes for orphans and widows, 2) centers for training in computers and technology and 3) centers for improved and comprehensive food distribution with instruction in healthy nutrition.


Disaster Relief

Funds to assist victims of natural disasters that affect our sponsored children in the Philippines.

Sometimes it seems that the nation of the Philippines experiences one natural disaster after another earthquakes, typhoons, floods.  Additionally there are events in the lives of the sponsored children that needs special attention. With these funds in hand, we are able to get money and aid directly to local pastors onsite to assist victims of such tragedy.  Many times what we send arrives much quicker than aid that must flow through agencies. With the aid to recent typhoon victims and earthquake victims, our funds for disaster assistance are depleted.  Would you send a generous donation today?


Fullness Vision Bearer

Those who support the vision of winning the lost, making disciples and quipping the saints to experience the Kingdom of God.





Ministry To Children Beyond Sponsorship

Special needs for the children such as discipleship training, job training, graduation present and awards for excellence. Special facilities needed, i.e. kitchens, bathrooms, showers. Also used to pay for needs of sponsored children when a sponsor cannot meet the obligation – until a new sponsor can be found.

Christmas For Sponsored Children

Your donation for Christmas for the children will put some big smiles on the children.

You can make a child in the Philippines very happy this Christmas and it does not have to cost a lot. This young boy was so happy. What he really wanted for Christmas was some bread that did not come from a garbage pile or a trash can. He received some other fun things, but this bread was so special to him.

When you ask our sponsored children what they want for Christmas, most will say food. Other popular gifts are bath towels, light blankets, t-shirts and umbrellas. Even a used pair of jeans or a pair of shoes is a special gift.

Your donation, large or small, will make Christmas special.



Child Sponsorship

Those who monthly or annually sponsor one or more children in school.

Monthly Recurring

  • $30.00 Monthly Recurring – Child Sponsorship Donation – One or More Children
    Send a child to school, providing them with hope for the future, for only $30 a month PER CHILD.
    (Your monthly donation will recur automatically every month until you contact us to either change or stop it.)

One-Time Monthly (Non-Recurring)

One-Time Annual (Non-Recurring)


Food for Learning Partners

Those who provide needed basic nutrition for sponsored children and their families. Your gifts provide food for children who show emotional and physical signs of malnutrition which affects their ability to learn in school. We have seen this to be an effective way to help the poorest of the poor break the cycle of poverty.

Option 1: Monthly Recurring – Food for Learning Donation

    • $200.00 Monthly – Add to Cart. Your monthly gift of $200.00 will provide food for ten children for one month.  (Your monthly donation will recur automatically every month until you contact us to either change or stop it.)

Option 2: Monthly Recurring – Food for Learning Donation

    • $20.00 Monthly – Add to Cart. Your monthly gift of $20.00 will provide meals for one child for one month.  (Your monthly donation will recur automatically every month until you contact us to either change or stop it.)

One-Time – Non-Recurring  Food for Learning Donation

Your gift of any size will help feed a hungry child.


Undesignated Donation

To be used by FCM where needed the most.